Like always coming back home is a struggle. Not only because of the big time difference (jet lag is a constant state now a days it seems)  and getting all of my routines back and my work mode on. But saying goodbye to my favorite person once again is the worst. Although I know it won’t be that long until I see him again. I just get so spoiled after having him around 24 hours of the day that going back to FaceTime calls is rough. (But at the same time I’m super thankful that its so easy to stay in touch now a days!)


But this time around might be the hardest one ever for more then the reasons above. Since first of all, I gave up my apartment before leaving on this trip. So I don’t really have a stable place to rest my head and call my own at the time. Second of all, I have all of my belongings packed down in boxes and spread out over town. And last of all, not only is jet lag stealing my energy at the time I recently realized my medicine is affecting me more and more both physically and mentally.

So to help me stay positive, get my energy back and my head straight I decided to make a list of all the good things that is and are to come!

❀ There’s no snow left here and spring and summer is just around the corner, which in Sweden is a truly magical time.

❀ I joined the SELFs “six weeks till summer” challenge that Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman is hosting. It consists of daily easy workouts and tips you can do. And you get them directly send to your email. Its the perfect little kick I need to get my but back at the gym. If you want to join as well here’s a link.

❀ I have two days to just relax until reality really kicks in and I get back to work. But once Friday comes I’ll finally get to see my wonderful co-workers again as well.

❀ I have three months left here in Umeå until I leave for Hawaii, and one of them Alec is (finally) coming!

❀ Although I don’t have my own fridge or kitchen at the moment, I can still finally make all of my own favorite meals. Cause lets admit it, eating out is great but nothing beats your own creations right? or is it just me?

❀ Keeping up with the Kardashians next season is starting up soon. And if you say you don’t enjoy that show you’re either lying or haven’t seen it, lol!

❀ I don’t have to drag around or live out of that big backpack anymore.

So even if I didn’t wake up by my alarm today. I still got to eat my favorite breakfast in my pajamas while watching the new episodes of New Girl with Hobbe (my puppy, best friend, little brother etc). Which is like the best kind of mornings ever. So now I’m gonna clean up a little before I take a quick nap. Aaaand before you think of lecturing me, its only to prevent me from falling asleep at 7pm and then staying up all night instead. I just need a little energy to fight through the afternoon and night. And tomorrow morning I’ll get another try to hear that alarm.


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