Welcome to a fresh,and very different from before, start to this blog. Since it´s a new start I figured a proper introduction was in order.

I am Emma Hurtig,  a Swedish 20 year old girl currently located in my home town Umeå. I just got back from a monthly long trip in Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia and 24 fast hours in Singapore) plus 2,5 weeks visiting my boyfriend in Portland, Oregon. And that’s usually where my money always ends up going, to trips and flight tickets. But when I’m not out in the world I live a simple life in my hometown. Working as much as I can manage, taking long walks with my dog and a podcast in my ears, watching new girl and preferably eating breakfast (serious acai bowls and nice cream obsession right here!) for every meal of the day. I worship nature and all of its beauty, variety and creatures. I believe that every day is filled with beauty if you keep your mind open to it, and thats something I’m currently working on myself. Controlling my mind to stay positive, open and focused on what matters to me. “What you think you create, what you feel you attract and what you imagine you become” and since I got aware of my thoughts I must say I’ve been doing better then ever. And in just a few months I’m moving to one of the places I’ve grown up dreaming about with the love of my life, Hawaii!

Here I will share my travels, my best vegan recipes and tips, my everyday photographs and whatever else I feel the need to express. My own little canvas to a happy, healthy, loving life. Hope you’ll enjoy it all with me! ♡FullSizeRender-1


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